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My name is Erez Avramov. I survived and thrived three near death experiences. The first was a life-threatening car accident that led to an elective amputation of my right leg, the second was a near fatal motorcycle accident and the third, and most transformative was a full-blown heart attack.

These three near death experiences gave me the precious gift of empathy and appreciation for the struggle and hardship we face during a crisis or unforeseeable change, what I call, blast radius events.

Today I have only one leg, but I walk with greater confidence than ever before.

I have a bruised heart, but I live life with more inner peace and self-acceptance than ever before.

I used to work from my head and now I lead from my heart.

I have an intimate relationship with the hardship, despair and pain that come with blast radius events. I experienced the lowest lows with my health, self-esteem, self-worth, and confidence and deeply understand the inner workings of crisis, trauma, and recovery and how to leverage it to build resiliency from the inside out.

I share my life story as an example to illustrate the process and relate to your audience using empathy and real-life examples to teach how to use blast radius events as an opportunity for growth and transformation on a personal and organizational level.

Erez’s expertise in the field of crisis management will give your audience the tools and techniques to move out of the valley of darkness and replace their victimhood identity with a proactive, empowered one.   

Geography Of Blast Radius Events

There are two geographical plains that crisis and change management reside in. One is on the surface; it deals with the topography of the situation and focuses on the external attributes and general practices to manage it.

This is where amazing survival and transformation stories come to mind. They are inspirational by nature, but they are difficult to personally relate to because they stay on the surface and describe the topography of what has happened.

Same goes for experts who speak of methodologies but do not embody the process.

The other geographical plain deals with the geology of crisis and its different layers that eventually create the topography of what we see on the surface.

Let me teach them how to understand and work with the geology of crisis so they can change their topography.

It’s an opportunity to face ourselves and ask deep questions we didn’t dare to ask before.

This is where they will get inspired to go deeper and understand the DNA and inner workings of crisis and change and see what’s really possible for them in their personal and professional lives.

They will leave equipped with actionable tools and confidence to fully step into the leaders, collaborators, and changemakers your company strives to create. 

This is where real transformation happens.

This is where I will take your audience.

This is exactly what happened to Mark, a business professional who was faced with major challenges in his business and personal life. After he attended my talk, he realized that what has happened to him could be leveraged to take a pause, dive deeper and face it head-on. He decided to enroll in my coaching program and within three months transformed his business and personal life to levels, he couldn’t dream of.

This opportunity is available to your audience.


Hi, I’m Erez Avramov

If you’re looking for someone extraordinary on the topic of resilience, motivation and change, you just found him.

My message is deeply relatable, real, raw and relevant. Whether you’re trying to motivate thousands of direct sales consultants or a dozen leadership executives in a boardroom, I will not only inspire your audience to change, but I’ll also teach them how to execute it in real life.

We are all unique and so is your audience. This is why everything I do is deeply personal and customized to the objectives of your event. 

If you are interested in learning more, we would love to speak with you.


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Erez’s Speech Description and Topics

One-Legged Israeli Commando Veteran Survives Three Near Death Experiences

And Now Devotes His Life To Helping Others Turn Adversity Into Opportunity.


There’s a reason why Erez Avramov is a sought-after speaker and coach.

He creates highly engaging, emotional, and visually stunning experience for your audience that is never canned and is always deeply personal and highly actionable.

Everything Erez shares comes from real life experiences. Nothing is theoretical – and everything is tested and actionable.

His goal is not only to teach, but to inspire your audience and empower them with confidence, tools, and proven strategies they need to face adversity and change, so they can fully step into the leaders, collaborators, changemakers, and communicators your company strives to create.

Everything is customized for your event, your goals, the transformation you are trying to inspire, and most importantly––the specific challenges and opportunities that your audience is facing at this moment in time.

Erez’s two speaking topics are:

Lessons Learned From Three Near Death Experiences and A Kingfisher Bird


 You Make A Difference!

Both are inspirational, story-driven, packed with tools and strategies, and will be customized to include themes, objectives, or specific types of transformational change that you’re looking to inspire at your event.

Lessons Learned From Three Near Death Experiences and A Kingfisher Bird
The Simple Proven Path To Turning Adversity Into Opportunity

When it comes to adversity, resiliency, and confidence, it is not enough to intellectually understand concepts and techniques. You need personal experience. That’s what makes Erez an authentic keynote speaker!

Erez speaks from his own life journey as an elite commando veteran and one who survived and thrived three near death experiences, an elective amputation of his right leg below the knee and a full-blown heart attack. He shares the most powerful lessons he learned which has transformed his life, and makes them accessible to your audience, so they can transform theirs. That’s why, if you never hired Erez to speak, Lessons Learned From Three Near Death Experiences and A Kingfisher Bird, is the speech your audience needs.

This is a transformational experience backed by science and proven by real life.

This speech is filled with actionable tactics and insights that are critical for selling, leadership development, innovation, and success.

Your audience will walk out of this experience with valuable tools they can bring back to their teams, their families, and their lives – and they’ll leave feeling inspired, empowered, and ready to take action.

Learning Objectives:

• Understand how resiliency is developed, exercised, and banked, so you can transfer it across all areas of your life.

• Discover the simple secret to develop resiliency, confidence, and courage.

• Learn how to leverage neuroscience and cognitive behavioural approach to create immediate long-lasting change.

• Breakthrough self-limiting beliefs and develop strategies to counter inevitable setbacks that always come when pursuing big goals.

• Be inspired and uplifted to reach your potential.


You Make A Difference!

This speech is designed for healthcare professionals.

The most pressing issue healthcare leaders and professionals struggle with is this:

How do I motivate and inspire my team to be their best and how do I help them deal with burnout?

In this visually rich and memorable experience, Erez creates an immediate connection with your audience sharing his personal and riveting story of surviving and thriving three near death experiences, an elective amputation and a full-blown heart attack and how healthcare professionals saved his life and inspired him along the path of recovery.

This is a powerful experience that connects a patient’s testimony directly to professionals who do this remarkable work on the ground.

Erez has experienced firsthand what heroic heart centered service healthcare professionals provide to the community and as one who’s been on the receiving end multiple times he speaks directly to that.

On stage, he brings his gripping story to life and audiences to the edge of their seats. With great openness, vulnerability, and humility, Erez reflects on the remarkable lessons he has received while overcoming insurmountable odds.

Your audience will be inspired, empowered and moved in ways that will reignite their purpose, passion and why they chose to do this work to begin with.

Erez shows your audience HOW they make a difference and lights the fire of inspiration within themselves, so productivity, action, and accomplishments flow naturally.

The insights and inspiration your audience receive will create meaningful change as Erez teaches them HOW to reconnect to their profession of choice and their calling. They will learn HOW to show up for themselves, HOW to motivate and inspire others every single day, HOW to navigate change with unwavering certainty, and HOW to find opportunity no matter how dire things look.

This will ignite a chain reaction to inspire not only themselves and their teams, but also their spouses, their kids, and the people around them.

 Key Objectives:

• Validation of the important role they play as healthcare professionals.

• Strategies to deal with burnout and improve quality of care and service.

• The surprising secret to job satisfaction and motivation.

• The 3 fundamental needs all people have––and why you can’t empower people unless you tap into them yourself.

• Understanding mirror neurons and how to use them to your advantage.

• Connect to a living example of the results you can achieve in quality of care when you adopt a patient/client centred model and why partnering with your patients creates a win-win situation to achieve a common goal.

• The importance of perception in your role in healthcare, both in how you see your patients and how you see yourself.

Download Erez’s Speech Description and Topics


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