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What kind of changes can be achieved with your health, fitness, body composition, confidence, self-esteem, self-belief, and self-worth, business and relationships?

Operation ALPHA is a 365-day live experiment documenting this exact process led by Erez Avramov, an Israeli Special Forces Elite Commando veteran, author, entrepreneur, and sought-after coach and public speaker.

Erez has been trained and shaped by life’s most challenging adversities. Three Near-Death Experiences, an elective amputation and a full-blown heart attack have given Erez a unique perspective about life.

Bound and deeply driven to explore human potential, Erez uncovered the inner workings of mental toughness and resiliency and developed proven methodologies that help his clients transform their bodies, minds and businesses to levels they couldn’t dream possible.

What does it take to show up EVERY day and do this work?

Join Operation ALPHA to find out!


Without prescription drugs, gym workouts or giving up the foods you love

Metabolic balance

Unlock the power of your body’s unique metabolic system for unlimited fat loss, increased energy, and better health



It came out of nowhere and in a split-second your life is out of control! It feels like the earth has opened up and swallowed you whole. You are lost, confused, and stunned. It’s a dark, lonely, and helpless place. You are in uncharted territory – nothing makes sense anymore.



Disabled by fear of the unknown you withdraw inward, and you shut down. What am I supposed to do now? How do I get my life back on track? What if it happens again? Find out how to regain control of your life. 



These devastating events present a rare opportunity in which fundamental changes can happen. There is a spark, an opening, and a moment where you can realize the opportunity to embrace a new paradigm shift and rebuild your life in a meaningful, and purposeful manner. There’s a message and a lesson to be learned – something that can transform your life for the better.

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“I believe that in each devastating Blast Radius event we experience in our lives, there’s a lesson to be learned. It exposes our soul and leaves us naked”

Mentor and keynote speaker

FROM THE BLOG – it’s not about my leg

5 tips to naturally lower cholesterol

This short video presents the top 5 tips that when followed, will help lower cholesterol. Period. There's no argument about this. The challenge most of us face is that common sense is not common practice.  You might be familiar with some of them, so my question is why...

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Personal message from Erez

Click Play button to watch videoHi,  First of all, I want to welcome you onboard and thank you for signing up to learn more about the Heart Guardian System.  This is the exact system that literally and practically saved my life after a heart attack.  I applaud you for...

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This might be the best way to lower cholesterol

Rachel, one of the amazing nurses who took care of me after the heart attack enters the room.  She holds a thick red file in her hand. “You’re ready to go home Erez”, she said smiling. I smile back, not sure if this is good news or not.  I was terrified, confused and...

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Jason Adams

“Erez’s talks have been compelling, effective, and most important of all, genuine. He creates an instant connection with his audience and keeps them engaged. We look forward to working with Erez into the future and highly recommend him as a public speaker.”

Jason Adams
National Sales Manager / Ossur Prosthetics

Andy Wedge

“I liked how open and honest Erez was, discussing the realities in the build and aftermath of amputation. It helped me prepare for what was to come.”

Andy Wedge

Chris Garner

“Erez helped me realize that I am on a journey. While my journey is far from over, Erez continues to reach out and provide wisdom and guidance and I know I will come out on top!”

Chris Garner