podcast interview flow questions



  • I will give a brief introduction of you and your business/service and then turn it over to you to share more.

background and life stroy

  • Life as an amputee – your personal story of before/after (if relevant).
  • Adjustment to living as an amputee – challenges and breakthroughs you experienced.
  • What is one of your daily habits you strongly believe contributes to your success?

overcoming obstacles

  • Share a challenging time or situation that could have devastated or stopped your progress but, you persisted — you made the tough decisions. And now, that once painful memory, serves as an invaluable learning experience.    

personal mastery

  • What is the most critical skill you think amputees need to master in order to work through their challenges?

lessons learned

  • Tell us about the most powerful lesson you ever learned from your personal journey or an influential lesson learned from one of your mentors and how it helped you embrace who you are today.

breaking down your recipe of success

  • On the amputee journey, the end result for most of us is defining and living our “New Normal”.

    In this final round of our interview — I will ask you to break down your “recipe” of how you attained your personal “New Normal” and the “ingredients” that helped along your path.

    We all know that rebuilding our life and creating our “New Normal” is hard work. But when we have the right strategy — that right “recipe” to follow — then the action steps become more like “ingredients” and can be added systematically into the process — one ingredient at a time.

    Imagine you are standing in front of a group of amputees — just like you when you were starting out.
    They are battling their way through the fears, worries, doubts, and struggles to find their way. What are two or three strategies you would recommend they focus on to best ensure success?

    Additional subjects we may cover:

    • What drives you – sources of motivation, inspiration, meaning?
    • What gets you out of bed in the morning (or keeps you under the covers)
    • The role of support in your life.
    • Your thoughts about aging as an amputee – concerns and what are you doing about it.
    • The role of physical activity, nutrition and pain management

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