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Erez Avramov:
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THERE’S ABOUT A 99.9% CHANCE YOU’RE STRUGGLING with heart disease…


Does the thought of a looming heart attack keep you up at night?
You may feel anxious and nervous realizing you are at risk. You want to know the truth, what to do next and what really works…
confusing medical terminology

Bad genes, high cholesterol, good cholesterol, triglycerides, saturated fat, trans fats, pharmaceutical drugs…What does it all mean? You’re confused and tired from trying to make sense of it all. There has to be an easier way to make sense of it all…


change is difficult

You try your best but keep falling off track not able to make changes stick. There’s no clear path to follow and you try to duck tape diet, exercise and lifestyle changes but nothing works. You’re confused and exhausted from trying to figure it out on your own…

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, pay very close attention to what I am about to say:


High cholesterol, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, high blood sugar, obesity… these are just symptoms of a serious underlying health condition. You may already have heart disease or you’ve been warned by your doctor that you must do something before it’s too late…

But the problem is that you are left to figure it out on your own. Your doctor may want to put you on prescription drugs and gives you general recommendations like “eat healthier, exercise more” but what does this really mean? what should you be doing every day to prevent and reverse heart disease?

The good news is that there’s a way out…

It’s not just about what to eat or what supplements to take… You need a system that covers all relevant areas and works in a compounding effect to maximize results. 

This is what the Heart Guardian System was designed to do! 

I will help you UNLOCK A CLEAR PATH THAT’S PROVEN to naturally prevent and reverse heart disease without prescription medication or surgery so you can be around to take care of your loved ones.

real people real results
Check out these life-changing stories from awesome clients who transformed their health and got a new lease on life!
You can be next…

Robert Luxenberg

Real Estate Owner/Investor, Angel Investor, Partner in Hotel/Restaurant (Mexico), Bestselling Author, Speaker, Director/Advisor in several companies

I would like to take this opportunity to speak about Erez Avramov, a man who has entered my world and changed my life. I am an accomplished man who chooses my words carefully. I rarely exaggerate and I do not overly use superlatives, so please take my comments with the weight they deserve. As an ex Canadian National Swimming team member (many years ago as I am now 63), I have generally been sensitive to my body and my health habits. Over the years, I have exercised, I never smoked and, on balance, I have eaten reasonably well. I have also taken an abundant of vitamin supplements. So you can imagine my shock when this past July I had a mini-stroke (Ischemic attack) and lost partial sight in my right eye. This led to a plethora of tests concluding the carotid artery on my right side was 80% blocked. They had to immediately perform life-threatening surgery. Thankfully, my surgery was successful. But the blocked carotid artery raised many concerns and questions. I had several more tests after the surgery and the results took me by surprise. It seems many of my arteries are partially blocked with plaque, even those near my heart. My cardiologist stated I will most probably require bypass surgery in the years to come. This did not sit well with me as I am a man of action. I choose to take control of my life at all levels. I immediately went into full study and exploration mode to find the solution to this unfortunate diagnosis. That’s when I found Erez. His story resonated with me. And the promise of his approach and coaching made perfect sense to me. I had a real opportunity to not only stop my heart disease in its tracks but possibly reverse it. I started working with Erez a few months ago and can honestly and emphatically say, he is an awesome human being. Erez is very smart, exceedingly empathetic, relatable, and really knows his stuff. He cares and connects with my challenges and journey towards vibrancy and longevity. The coaching I have received to date has been nothing less than life-changing and even life-saving. Erez has introduced me to a new point of view on my health and is instilling new lifestyle habits that are transforming my health on all fronts, not just my heart. As a businessman, author and speaker, I value a clear head and quick mind. The new habits instilled by Erez have brought me more clarity, quicker response time, and my energy has gone through the roof. This is all exciting to me and bodes well for my journey to achieve a successful life on all fronts. Though my journey with Erez continues, I would not hesitate to very highly recommend his coaching and approach to health to anyone who seeks optimal health, productivity and longevity. I have always professed that we are blessed to be here on this earth and every single moment of our experience here MATTERS! It is incumbent on each of us to whatever it takes to enhance our experience in this brief visit to this world. Thank you, Erez for helping me to live my life in health. 

Gilad Babchuk

Co-Founder & CEO at Compass.online

My name is Gilad Babchuk and I’m the founder and CEO of Compass.
I’m a serial entrepreneur with over 2 decades of global experience.
I’ve been an active CEO of four companies and mentored and worked closely with international CEOs, federal level politicians, public servants, senior executives, and entrepreneurs from all around the world to help them pursue and realize their purpose and dreams.
As someone who considers himself an expert in leading organizational and personal change processes, I have always known that there is one area I manage incorrectly. My general health and weight.
Intense schedule, managing rapid corporate growth, prioritizing everyone’s needs before my own and trying to perform at my best has taken their toll on my health.
My busy, on the go lifestyle, served as a constant excuse why I could not prioritize myself.
I postponed and ignored periodic check-ups and blood tests. I ignored my gradual but consistent weight gain (38lbs over 3 years). I suppressed my fears about the effects of being overweight and stressed on my health, and how it can affect my longevity. My desire to be here for my kids for many years to come was a strong driver for the decision that changed my life.
I have known for several years that I would never behave this way toward my business (Ignoring problems? Suppressing concerns? Not taking action. It’s not me!).
But I did that to myself… So, I decided it was time to do something about it.
I met Erez last year and after I  learned about his approach and the results he achieves with CEOs and executives I decided to sign up for his one-on-one coaching program.
Erez helped me change my priorities, guided me to understand what the real problem was and approach it with courage and empathy (even the best heart surgeon in the world cannot operate on himself).
Erez wisely and with a combination of assertiveness and compassion helped me build a game plan. He was there for me in moments of crisis, kept me on track and most importantly, he met me where I was and adjusted his plan to fit my lifestyle and busy schedule. This allowed me to be consistent and despite challenges and difficulties gave me the strength to no give up.
Today I released 26 pounds, lost 3 inches off my waist (that 3 sizes down!), and my health has never been so good. My recent blood test result show I reversed pre-diabetes and my cholesterol and heart health is back to normal levels.
I feel confident in my own skin and I’m still going on!
Thank you Erez – your work has made a tremendous change in my life

meet your guide and mentor to remarkable health

Erez Avramov is an Israeli Special Forces Elite Commando veteran who survived three near death experiences, an elective amputation of his right leg and a full-blown heart attack.

Through his flagship program, The Heart Guardian System, he’s helped men all over the world use nutrition, natural therapies and lifestyle changes to control and manage heart health symptoms within a few short weeks with his powerful techniques.

Today I’m in the best shape of my life, healthy, strong, and happy!

If you’d like to learn how to naturally treat your heart disease, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure and lower the risk of a heart attack, you’ve come to the right place!