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Always Working, But Don’t Feel Like You’re Moving Forward?

I believe that everyone has the potential to bring their best self to the world and make a positive impact. As an executive coach, I’m deeply passionate about helping leaders tap into that potential and become great leaders who insist on bringing the best out of themselves and others. 

My coaching style is transformative and results-oriented. I don’t believe in sugarcoating or beating around the bush. Instead, I cut through the bullshit and empower my clients to make aligned decisions about their lives and businesses.

My own journey, serving as a special forces elite commando operative in the Israeli army and surviving three near-death experiences, has taught me valuable lessons about resilience, perspective, and the power of mindset. I’m committed to sharing these lessons with others and helping them turn adversity into opportunity.

What sets me apart is my holistic approach to coaching. I recognize that how my clients show up in their personal and professional lives is directly related to what’s going on inside of them. That’s why I provide customized programs that address the person as a whole – from health and wellness to business strategy, team building, communication, and more.

My clients include founders, executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs who often feel alone, isolated and guarded in their leadership roles. I understand the challenges and pressures that come with these positions and provide effective guidance and direction to explore their leadership roles, strengths and weaknesses, so they can bring out the best in themselves and their teams. 

My clients fondly refer to me as their ‘secret weapon’ that they use to elevate their performance and then deploy my methodologies with their teams to build a high-performance, self-managed team based on my Victory Path 360 tactical program based on my unique special forces principles 

If you’re facing personal or business challenges and seeking clarity and guidance, I’m here to help. Together, we’ll create a safe space where you can be present to what’s really going on in your life and chart a clear way forward. Let’s unlock your potential and bring your best self to the world.

“I believe that in each devastating Blast Radius event we experience in our lives, there’s a lesson to be learned. It exposes our soul and leaves us naked”

– Erez



Susan Perry

"Erez’s guidance has shown me that I can move mountains just by showing up for myself every day.Erez has taken me from cruise control to showing up for myself, being wide awake and experiencing and engaging in all areas of life on a different level."

Susan Perry

Carolyn Kari Goodfellow

“The really amazing part of this journey is really how easy it is, once I made the shift to creation of new habits and showing up every morning for myself. The payoff has been a happier healthier me.Thanks Erez.”

Carolyn Kari Goodfellow

Robert Luxenberg

“The coaching I have received to date has been nothing less than life-changing and even life-saving.”

Robert Luxenberg

Jason Adams

“Erez’s talks have been compelling, effective, and most important of all, genuine. He creates an instant connection with his audience and keeps them engaged. We look forward to working with Erez into the future and highly recommend him as a public speaker.”

Jason Adams
National Sales Manager / Ossur Prosthetics

Chris Garner

“Erez helped me realize that I am on a journey. While my journey is far from over, Erez continues to reach out and provide wisdom and guidance and I know I will come out on top!”

Chris Garner