Erez Avramov, nicknamed “the Man Who Refuses to Die” is a Resiliency expert who’s been trained and shaped by life’s most challenging adversities. Three Near Death Experiences, an elective amputation and racing motorcycles have given Erez a unique perspective about life. Bound and deeply driven to explore human potential, Erez uncovered the inner workings of resiliency  and developed proven methodologies that help his clients harness the power of adversity to transform their life and business.

Avramov is internationally recognized as an expert on the subject of resiliency and the founder of Life Rebuilder Academy. His mandate is to help his clients rebuild and transform their lives after devastating events and change the conversation in their mind from “why did this happen” to “how can I use this to transform my life”. Erez believes that when we arrive at our “darkest night of the soul” it has the potential to be our greatest gift. Erez shares his years of knowledge and experience as a keynote speaker and private mentor teaching his exclusive “Victory Path” system.  

No stranger to adversity, Erez has faced numerous ‘blast radius’ events and three near death experiences. In fall 2011, Erez was in a near fatal car accident, followed by years of recovery and multiple surgeries. Three years later arriving to a clear choice that in-order to live a life free of pain and prescriptions he chose to electively amputate his right leg below the knee. This difficult decision gave Erez the opportunity to fully regain control of his life and better his mobility. He then decided to pursue a monumental physical challenge (Dakar) that proved to be his greatest teacher on the power of surrender and letting go after he crashed his bike in a race nearly losing his life again. His third and toughest near death experience was a heart attack in January 2018 that brought him closer to mortality than ever.

How to deal with devastation, rebuild life and take 100% responsibility has become his indispensable life tools that he shares on his personal blog ‘it’s not about my leg’. This blog is his personal heart -centred journey that became the catalyst to the Life Rebuilder Academy. Erez was overwhelmed by countless people who connected with him from all over the world and shared their struggle, asking for guidance. This inspired Erez to give back and be of service by sharing his methodology that has helped him recover so quickly and with incredible results.

On stage he brings his gripping story to life and audiences to the edge of their seats. With great openness, vulnerability, and humility, Erez reflects on the remarkable lessons he has received while overcoming insurmountable odds. He shares the importance of choosing greatness as your northern star.

“Life’s hardest lessons are given to those who can handle them. In the depths of despair – strength, love, and faith emerge to guide our way to pure greatness.”


Erez Avramov is a Life Rebuilder. How to rebuild a life after a major devastation has become an indispensable life tool that he has developed and mastered over the years – inspiring thousands of people to realize their potential of overcoming the inevitable crossroads of life where devastating Blast Radius events can serve as transformational moments.

Born in Jerusalem, and raised in Israel; at a young age he was drawn to adventure and exploration, all the while exposed to the terrors of civil war in his home country. He served as a Special Forces Elite Commando Operative in the Israeli Air Force where he was trained to discipline his mind and his physical body to enable him and his team to perform missions that at times seemed out of reach for mere mortals.

Armed with knowledge and experience that very few are exposed to at such young age, Erez chose to travel and explore the world after his military service was complete. He visited 18 countries and travelled to explore remote regions of Europe, the Middle East, China, Australia, New Zealand, India and North America; all solo, and all on motorcycles, bicycles, and 4x4s. Erez is an experienced adventurer, and during his worldwide trips he summited many mountain peaks, climbed vertical rocks, rappelled to the depths of canyons, climbed frozen water falls, skied, explored caves, and took to the sky.

After receiving a B.Sc. honors degree in business and marketing at Oxford Brooks University in England, and then starting a successful career in Real Estate in the State of Florida; Erez immigrated to British Columbia, Canada in 2004 with his wife and his first-born child. By implementing what he has learned, Erez managed to overcome the challenges of immigration to a new country, and established a solid base for his family. In 2007 he experienced his first major Blast Radius devastation when he was faced with a divorce and had to ask the question what a relationship truly is and how it should be, came close to bankruptcy, and landed into the new role of a single father to his two children.

Erez worked hard to get his life back on track through complete devotion to his daughters, and also regained stability and command over his life by studying different modalities from Eastern and Western philosophies which provided him with tools and experience on how to handle difficult life transitions. He then gained in-depth knowledge surrounding relationships and communications which cleared his path to find his soul mate, Sonja. Their marriage and love are an extraordinary example of what true love is and how to embody relationships and communications in day to day modern life. Erez also had to figure out how to rise from financial ruin, and he used the same approach to rebuild his business. However, in November 2010, Erez hit rock bottom once more when he spun out of control in his car on a notoriously dangerous highway in British Columbia and was hit head on by a fully loaded semi-truck. This near fatal accident pushed Erez over the edge and forced him to face his darkest demons. His ‘Dark night of the Soul’ extended over 4 years where he suffered through excruciating physical and emotional pain, uncertainty, fear, anxiety, confusion, and deep depression.

Being the adventurer that he is, Erez chose to take the high road and seek the advice, guidance, and mentoring of great teachers and professionals which enabled him to rebuild his life. He chose to discover the greatness within, and used his healing journey as an opportunity to grow and deepen his understanding of the human condition and what enables some people to recover and rebuild their lives to new heights, while others fall down the rabbit hole and become helpless victims of their situation.

He’s researched, studied and has been mentored by masters of ancient spiritual traditions, healers, advanced Western phycologists, and doctors; bringing this knowledge into modern context and successfully implementing it into his life.
His healing journey presented many obstacles, and after three years Erez was faced with another testing moment – his right ankle was so severely damaged that no reasonable solution was available to enable him to regain his freedom of movement. So he made the choice to have an elective amputation of his right leg below the knee.

Because he has been in this situation before, Erez chose to create and follow a well-defined and structured recovery plan using everything he has learned so far about healing and recovery. His friends and family lovingly named him “the Life Rebuilder” because once again Erez needed to face life head on and make the most out of it. The plan included all of the elements he studied, researched and implemented but this time, frustrated with his doctors approach that he cannot do anything but wait for his surgeries, he realized that there was a missing link when it comes to assist healing – nutrition. At this stage Erez took upon himself the challenge by studying with the world’s leading nutritionists. He successfully implemented it into his life and became a certified nutrition coach, and today offers a unique program that is customized based on individual needs.

Once life stabilized and new opportunities were available, Erez set out to become the world’s first amputee motorcycle racer to compete in the world-famous Dakar Rally. His successful training and dedication caught the attention of CBC News, CBC Radio One, The Guardian UK, and The Jerusalem Post among others, and propelled his public speaking and writing career. Through his words he’s reached thousands of people who have been on the road to recovery, and acts as an inspiration and as a mentor to countless others.

As wonderful and fulfilling this new chapter in his life was, Erez had another Blast Radius event waiting around the corner. During one of his desert races he was involved in another harrowing accident that almost took his life. At that moment, he realized that the extreme physical journey he was on was driven by an inner imbalance, a need to prove himself he is not disabled. This accident has opened his eyes to understand the power of the mind and how our thoughts can create situations where we try to compensate for an inner lack. This made Erez change his life course, re-evaluate his priorities, and initiated an inner Dakar journey which proved to be an amazing gift to himself and to those he helps rebuild their lives and achieve greatness.

However, life was not smooth sailing from there on. In December 2017 Erez was involved in another car accident that cumulated a month later with a full-blown heart attack – once again another devastating Blast Radius event. Being who he is, Erez stepped in with eyes wide open and driven by curiosity and astonishment he discovered the fundamental missing piece in his life – the heart/mind connection.

Throughout his life’s journey Erez noticed that most of his decisions were based on intellect and rational driven by thoughts and conceptions created by the mind. The missing component of feelings and emotions and rebuilding and leading life’s darkest moments through the heart was a life saver and a life changer for Erez. It has become Erez’s life mission to share what he was so graciously given and learned during his life journey so others may learn and not have to go through the same painful process.

Everyone has unique experiences, and Erez’s message is built with that in mind. Drawing on the ancient teachings of Eastern and Western philosophies, Erez’s experience as a coach and mentor to fellow life Rebuilders, and of course his own journey through many devastations; his teachings take you step by step through a powerful, accountable, and life changing experience that allows you to regain control and realize your potential as the architect of your own life. Erez’s main message is an invitation to look at your own Blast Radius event as a call to embark on an inner journey to discover your truth and rebuild your life to levels you never thought possible.

He is here to help you ignite your true passion and turn your life around – so that you can live the life you were meant to live.
Erez lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with his wife Sonja, and his two daughters.



Lessons To Be Learned

I believe that in each devastating Blast Radius event we experience in our lives, there’s a lesson to be learned. It exposes our soul and leaves us naked. In that raw and painful place, when we hit rock bottom, and when nothing makes sense anymore, we must face our greatest fears, our judgmental self-doubt, and trepidation. In that place, where we feel there’s no way out, is where hope, love, and a new beginning reside. It is up to us to decide whether we choose the path of pure greatness – the path we are called to take, or retreat into smallness and crippling fear which keeps us at rock bottom.


Pain Is Life’s Greatest Teacher

I personally believe that pain is life’s greatest teacher. It breaks us down and forces us to find our truth. It pushes us to face life head on; there’s nowhere to hide, and no one to blame. It is time to stop and go inward. Pain’s tough love is delivered in mysterious ways, and the only way to experience it is by surrendering and letting go. This is possibly the hardest thing you will ever do, but if you genuinely face your inner demons and choose pure greatness as your northern star you will discover your truth –and in doing so, it will set you free.


Life’s Toughest Lessons Are Given To Those Who Can Handle Them

Everyone I have met, interviewed, studied, listened to, and naturally from my own three near death experiences, almost all agree on one thing: whatever their personal devastating Blast Radius event they had to deal with in their lives, if they would be given the choice to go back in time and change it, say with no doubt that they would not change anything. As harsh as it may sound, especially for those who are in the midst of their own Blast Radius event right now, I strongly believe that life’s toughest lessons are given to those who can handle them. In the depths of pain and despair – strength, love and faith emerge to guide our way to pure greatness. Growth, transformation, and resolve are the hidden gifts one can only realize while walking the path.

You Are Not Alone

Millions of people around the globe everyday experience their own devastating Blast Radius events that send them to rock bottom. As humans we are connected and guided in miraculous ways, but our misconceptions and self-limiting beliefs that we are separate and alone enhance the pain and isolation. For this reason, the Life Rebuilder Tribe has been created so we can connect, share, and support each other. This journey was not meant to be travelled in isolation. How to ask for help, reach out for support, and grow together is the backbone of the Life Rebuilder path.

Erez's Portfolio 

Susan Perry

"Erez’s guidance has shown me that I can move mountains just by showing up for myself every day.Erez has taken me from cruise control to showing up for myself, being wide awake and experiencing and engaging in all areas of life on a different level."

Susan Perry

Carolyn Kari Goodfellow

“The really amazing part of this journey is really how easy it is, once I made the shift to creation of new habits and showing up every morning for myself. The payoff has been a happier healthier me.Thanks Erez.”

Carolyn Kari Goodfellow

Robert Luxenberg

“The coaching I have received to date has been nothing less than life-changing and even life-saving.”

Robert Luxenberg

Jason Adams

“Erez’s talks have been compelling, effective, and most important of all, genuine. He creates an instant connection with his audience and keeps them engaged. We look forward to working with Erez into the future and highly recommend him as a public speaker.”

Jason Adams
National Sales Manager / Ossur Prosthetics

Chris Garner

“Erez helped me realize that I am on a journey. While my journey is far from over, Erez continues to reach out and provide wisdom and guidance and I know I will come out on top!”

Chris Garner