day 3:

777 – the great reset

We are our worst enemy.

Day 3 has officially begun and it’s definitely not smooth sailing.

When you commit to making a change you unleash a series of physical, emotional and biochemical chain reactions.

And it’s guaranteed to bite you up your *ss and make you want to quit.

The question is: how do you deal with it?

Watch today’s video and share what’s holding you back from starting?

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Today’s nutrition and exercise


Workout #1:
Early morning 45 min cardio workout on an elliptical machine.

Workout # 2:

Strength training (weights)  – Shoulders and trapezius

Whoop data:


Cleanse / mono-diet  third day in a row (until 5pm).

Dinner: Falafel wrap

49% 68g Carbs
35% 22g Fat

16% 22g Protein

2 litres of hot water infused with digestive herbs