day 2:

777 – the great reset

Day 2:

777-The Great Reset

So here we are!

Step one was to take an honest look in the mirror and accept where you are.

This first big step is the basis for everything you’ll do later because until you’re honest and see the truth of your situation, you’ll cover it up with excuses and stories.

For me, it was to realize that I have let myself go too much…

My excuse was that I’m too busy with a new and exciting business venture (I’m scaling up my heart guardian system program to help 10, 000 people next year).

The added stress, workload and effort took over other priorities and it started to show.

I notice it when my quality of sleep deteriorates, I gain weight (extra 15/20lbs of unhealthy weight).

I get agitated and lose my patience faster, and to be honest…

I can see it coming a mile away…

I trust you can relate if you’re going through a similar situation.

But it’s not always easy to push the reset button…

To make a decision and start to do something about it rather than wait.

Today’s video is about that process.

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Today’s nutrition and exercise


Workout #1:
Early morning 45 min cardio workout on an elliptical machine.

Workout # 2:

Strength training (weights) 

Whoop data:


Cleanse / mono-diet  second day in a row. 
2 litres of hot water infused with digestive herbs