day 1:

777 – the great reset

Announcing: 777 – GREAT RESET!

The time has come to push the reset button and get back to health.

In this video, I share the reality we all face when life takes over and we let go of our most important resource – our physical and mental health.

We are not machines and I’m no different than you.

These last few months have been challenging on multiple fronts…And it took its toll, especially in the weight gain department… (Ahaaa those COVID pounds… :-))

So it’s time to do something about it!

Over these next few weeks, I’ll share with you everything I do on a daily basis, from my diet, exercise, daily winning rituals and how to do it all in a compassionate, self-accepting way that actually makes a difference!

It will be real, raw and relevant. There’s no guarantee where this journey will go but my sincere intention is to share the REAL side of this journey and hopefully ignite the desire in you to start your own.

Check out the video and join the 777 – THE GREAT RESET journey with me.

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Erez’s day 1 measurements

Weight: 213 lbs

Waist: 41″

Hips: 41.5