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effortless WEIGHT loss 


#777 is a heart centered PHYSICAL AND MENTAL TRANSFORMATIVE PROGRAM designed to reignite and empower your body and soul through the pRactice of gratitude and compassion

POWERED BY DAILY accountability and community support








do you have what it takes to show up for yourself every single day? 


#No Excuses 777 is an invitation to a journey of self-transformation.
Your body is the vehicle.
Your mind is the steering wheel
You are the driver.

This is not for the faint of heart, as many will embark on this journey with enthusiasm only to discover how little control they have in their lives. 

It will require dedication and tenacity you’re not used to. It will push you to show up daily despite challenges and difficulties.

And when you break through the shackles that held you down for so long, you’ll discover an inner power that is beyond measure.

This is what #777 is designed to give you.

It’s an opportunity to show up in your life in a way you always wanted to but never did.
And when you do – everything changes.

Challenge your body

challenge your mind

change your life! 


A compassionate heart centered  approach for A healthy LIFESTYLE


active child exercising

is #777 right for me?

#777 is designed for anyone looking to make a commitment to take complete control and transform their mental and physical fitness in 49 days.


Erez Avramov encourages you to make your own health and fitness decisions based on your judgment and research in partnership with a qualified healthcare professional. Always consult your own physician or  health care professional before starting any weight loss or exercise regimen. Do NOT start #777 if your physician or health care provider advises against it. By performing any dietary changes or fitness exercises, you are doing so at your own risk. 


Bullet Proof your body and mind and take control of your life

#777 is meant for anyone looking to make a commitment to take control of your life in 49 days.

#No Excuses 777 is a self-paced program focused on developing physical and mental discipline using physical exercise, a healthy diet and consistency.

active child exercising
I was tired of being lazy, tired of drinking daily, tired of looking in the mirror and not recognizing the person looking back at me. Tired of never finishing what I started.
Dina A

I already knew what it felt to fail; I wanted to see what happens when I don’t.
Mark C.

To be honest…besides the obvious motivation to be healthy and do something good for me so I can be around for my kids… I wanted to bring SEXY back
Neil and Jan L.








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challenge overview

This journey we’re on serves as the training grounds to discover who you truly are and what you’re capable of. 

We all have scars, both physically and mentally. Own them, they are a testament to who you are today based on your past experiences but they do not define you. 

#No Excuses 7x7x7 challenge is designed based on a simple, yet powerful operating principle. There’re only 7 you need to adhere to every single day for 49 days.  

If you don’t complete any of the 7 rules EACH day – you MUST start from day 1


7 simple rules


If you fail to do any one of these things, you must start over on Day 1

Daily 45 minute workout

Your mission is to complete 49 consecutive workouts of 45 minutes each. The type of workout is up to you.

3 meals a day, no snacking

Your mission is to consume 3 meals per day, no more, no less. Absolutely no snacking.

Follow a healthy diet of your choosing.


drink 2 liters of fresh water

Your mission is to drink minimum 2 litres of fresh clean water every single days. No flavoured or carbonated drinks (coffee and tea are ok)



read one chapter a day

Your mission is to read 1 chapter (minimum 10 pages) of non-fiction, self -improvement book each day. You should read at least 490 pages in 49 days (equivalent of two books)


deliver one daily love deposit

Each day you’ll write one Daily Love Deposit note and deliver it to a loved one.


one daily share in group

Every day you’ll participate in our group by sharing your progress report or provide support to others.



no alcohol, no drugs

This challenge is about your commitment to a clean healthy lifestyle. No exceptions!


Hi I’m Erez Avramov
I help CEOs, Executives and Businessmen get results. period!

I will empower you with the focus, insight, discipline and accountability you need to achieve the consistent results you crave.

As an Israeli Special Forces Elite Commando veteran, I have learned what it really takes to execute a plan. The priceless experience and discipline gained in the field helped me later in life to survive three Near-Death-Experiences.

Bound and deeply driven to explore human potential, I have uncovered the inner workings of resiliency and developed proven methodologies that help my clients harness the power of clarity and execution to transform their life and business.