Over the last few weeks, we have covered many important subjects regarding heart health.

Many of you asked about the importance of cholesterol management so I created this short video explaining this complex subject and how it relates to heart health diets in general. 

Over the years we have seen that almost everyone is confused about nutrition and tend to make harmful mistakes along the way. 

In today’s video, I address some of the dire mistakes you make and why standard

diets can cause more harm than good when it comes to heart health.

Watch the video below to learn more


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Video transcript begins…

“The first thing in any diet that you look at has to have is this biosignature code. Look you are unique and your biochemistry is unique. The way that your body metabolizes food and processes it, is unique to you.

The idea of a one-size-fits-all diet is a total misconception. If you think that you can go on a paleo diet or a keto diet or whatever Atkins diet, whatever you think is good for you the idea is that this one-size-fits-all just doesn’t apply and especially if you’re trying to lower your cholesterol.

You have to take into account where you are right now what levels of cholesterol you have what types of foods are optimized for you.

It’s not necessarily what to eat and not eat it’s the combination and the balance between the. I want to share with you something that has revolutionized my approach to diet.

Diet as far as I’m concerned is the ability of the body to digest what we put in our mouths. That digestive process is so important and if your digestive system is not balanced and it’s not operating optimally it doesn’t matter how much superfoods and supplements and minerals and shakes and whatever you’re gonna put in your body.

It’s not going to be digested properly. This is why we have to understand where you are and take into account a variety of areas of your life to determine what kind of diet, what kind of nutrition you actually need to concentrate on.

When you talk about high cholesterol, yes, of course, we talk about reduction of fats we talk about reduction of saturated fat, we talk about reduction of food cholesterol things of that nature but to understand where you are it is what I call an integrated approach.

we want to take your medical history we want to take your history with diets your history with nutrition why you started them why you didn’t pursue them or failed.

now when you’re trying to change your lifestyle around cholesterol
because you want to address that and heart health what are the issues that
are going to come up all of those things have to be accounted for under an
integrated approach.

this is why I created the Heart Guardian system because
what I realized was that I didn’t have a clear path anywhere I looked, somebody told me to do something else, Oh eat more of this… less of that…take this mineral and this supplement and this vitamin and this that… I’ll go to my cardiologist and he says oh no no no we have to put your medication that’s the only thing that will lower your cholesterol and it is not true.

now it is not true for all of us there are some extreme cases and I’m aware of them, have done my research for many years I worked with top doctors and researchers across the country and I understand that there are conditions that are you know what’s called beyond the tipping point.

when you look at the bell curve most of us are somewhere in between there and we can deal with our condition naturally we don’t have to rely on medication and the problem with medication it’s a false safety guard, right it’s like a patch on a burn you think that if you take statins that allow you to continue your lifestyle as usual but statins don’t solve the problem of high cholesterol yes they lower cholesterol biochemistry is amazing, us as humans we’ve created this entire idea of statins and they can lower cholesterol levels but that’s not the problem.

the problem that you have elevated cholesterol it comes from a much deeper issue within your system your hormones and enzymes may be out of balance you may encounter a condition of chronic inflammation which is the cause of heart disease and hardening of the arteries these things go very very deep and I cover them in my program.

when I’m working my clients to understand the concepts and the ideas of what it is cholesterol what is heart disease all of those things are part of it I’m not going to dive into depth here because I just want to give you the overall idea of this program and share with you the information that will help you start and build your own.

and if you decide that you want my help then all you need to do is book a call and we’ll talk a little bit about where you’re at. I’ll share with you more information about the plan and we’ll see if this is a good fit for us to work together on this. but this plan basically gives you one clear path to follow based on a diet based on nutrition based on exercise and mindset and all the pitfalls and areas that we can encounter along a path of change all of them have to be accounted for.

because what I found is that we may have the best goals in the world but if we don’t show up and if we don’t address them systematically and we kind of tip those dominoes one at a time by small daily changes if you try and change everything at once extremely difficult.

I’m sure you’ve tried it many times in your life and the problem is it’s just not sustainable. so my approach is what I call micro successes and we work in a very gradual way to get you to where you need to be. now the program for the diet that I use and I work with my clients goes much deeper than this I can give you general recommendations but they are not personalized to you so I work with a program that comes from Germany it’s called metabolic balance. you’re welcome to go and research it on the net.

what it is this program basically is based on a blood test. we take a personalized blood test and we check 36 biochemical markers that are your bio signature code.

based on the results of those blood tests I can now build a nutritional program that is customized for you. it’s not about what to eat and not to eat it’s more about what is the optimal nutrition based on you.

you may be susceptible for certain allergies you may be sensitive to certain types of foods because of your own medication and your history and all of those things we may see certain markers you know your thyroid functions your liver functions all sort of things that could be out of balance and by optimizing your nutrition with metabolic balance I can actually provide you now with a full solution to your nutrition.

I mean this is remarkable and it is very unique and throughout my program, I also teach my clients a lot about nutrition, they learn to understand not just what to eat and how much to eat but what is the best food for them to consume so this is the part of the bio signature diet phase.”

-End of video transcript