“I could see it in my wife’s eyes… even though she never said anything to me. The fear was there. I could feel it.

This unspoken fear echoed from my children, parents, siblings and close friends.

I can’t blame them. Look at me. Here I was, the unbreakable rock of their lives, now broken and damaged.

The most difficult part of dealing with my heart attack is that you can’t see it. There’s no physical evidence, no broken bones or bandages. It’s inside, hidden from plain sight.

When I look at myself, I can’t believe it really happened…”

The radical honesty in this quote from a man who survived a heart attack and has changed his life is here for a reason.

He shared it so other men can take a good look in the mirror and be really honest with themselves.

There are two parts to this problem:

One, pretending everything is ok and faking through another day and not dealing with the truth of what has happened…

Two, getting your health back and finding confidence and acceptance with what has happened so you can move on with your life.

So when they look up at you, they see a real man. A healthy balanced man who has claimed his life back.

A responsible man who they can rely on to be around for a long time, rely on for wisdom, guidance and support.

That’s when the fire gets lit. That’s when you look into your eyes saying, “I’m back!”

And it’s when your wife and your children celebrate Daddy is back.

Things can be changed, fast.

The first step is waking up the inner Heart Guardian. The man that’s been buried. The man that can only come out when he’s clear on what he needs to do and is ready to make changes.

We see these kinds of transformations every day from our powerful community of Heart Guardians. These are men who said, enough is enough and were ready to make serious changes in their health and life.

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To your health and vitality!