Rachel, one of the amazing nurses who took care of me after the heart attack enters the room. 

She holds a thick red file in her hand.

“You’re ready to go home Erez”, she said smiling. 

I smile back, not sure if this is good news or not. 

I was terrified, confused and shocked from what has happened. 

One minute later Dr. V. enters the room and stands beside my bed. 

“Before you go I need you to understand what to do and what’s at stake here”.

He opens the file and hands me a list of 7 different prescription drugs. 

“if you don’t take these drugs you’re risking your life” he says with an authoritative voice. 

I would have probably agreed to drink poison at that moment if I was told that’s the best thing for me. 

I stared petrified at the list and then at Dr. V. 

“How long do I need to take these drugs for?” 

“probably for the rest of your life!”

This was my introduction to the standard path of medicated care, every person is prescribed to once they enter the ‘prestigious’ club of heart disease. 

The following 6 months were the toughest time of my life. 

Today, I laugh about it, but seriously, if the heart attack didn’t kill me, then these drugs would. 

The side effects were unbearable: exhaustion, insomnia, drowsiness, fatigue, depression, loss of sex drive, headaches, inability to concentrate, agitation, cold hands and feet, memory loss and confusion. And the list goes on and on. 

I know it sounds dramatic, this is how initially I felt about the whole thing and tried to dismiss every side effect and white-knuckle through the pain and discomfort. 

In the beginning, I worked directly with my doctor and he tried to make adjustments and change drugs but it was obvious that this is not going anywhere. 

Then when I asked if there’re non-prescription alternatives he immediately dismissed the idea. 

“Your cholesterol can’t be lowered to the levels I want them to be without drugs, and the damage to your heart requires beta blockers to assist recovery”. 

This unbearable situation went on for 10 months until I couldn’t take it anymore. 

Then I discovered the alternative. 

I found a way to naturally lower my cholesterol and naturally assist my recovery without any drugs. 

Today I want to share with you the exact steps I followed.

The results blew my doctor away, and the best part – this alternative process is supported by medical research. 

Problem is, most doctors don’t believe it can work for ‘their’ patients.  

Watch the video above

Be prepared – the video will push you to think differently about alternative options. 

To your health and vitality!



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