The path of personal development is littered with exhausted souls, like you and I who tried and failed to apply life-changing methodologies and concepts that are (on the most part) proven to work. 

What happens along the path that makes you give up, raise a white flag, admit defeat and announce – ‘this may work for them but not for me’?

Let me start with this statement: I’m a huge advocate of personal development.

I’ll go as far as saying it has actually saved my life (multiple times).

But more often than not, I got confused and bewildered. I got lost down rabbit holes that promised everything, from unlimited health and wealth to overnight success and spiritual enlightenment.

What I discovered after two decades of deep-dive study, research and experimentation is that these promises do hold water (some, not all :-)).

The differentiator between those who succeed and those who fail lies in their belief systems and worldview.

But how do you align your beliefs and worldview to allow for such changes to happen and take root in your daily life?

Is there a secret source? a magic formula? or maybe an ancient blueprint that when uncovered will reveal the holy grail of success and fulfillment?



Let’s continue this chat next Friday

Till then,  Stay curious, real and raw