Decision made – now what?

What drives our behaviour and how we operate is the most fascinating subject in the world for me.

My entire personal journey through three Near-Death Experiences and rebuilding life has been a gift and provided a real-life laboratory of sorts.

In today’s video, I share with you what usually happens after we make a significant decision. How we create a story of what we think should happen.

But life has its plan and trajectory.

Certain things are in our control while others are not.

How to manage the conflict between our story and realty is the subject of today’s video.


Watch the video below


This new series is based on my original videos and posts from 2013 where I made the decision to proceed with an elective amputation.

I hope this was of service to you, perhaps you found some answers, guidance and inspiration for your own journey.

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– Erez “moving forward” Avramov