Original post: January 2013

which way?

Snowflakes gently fall on my face and cover the trails I used to play on.

From mountain biking and trail running in the summer, to skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. This is really a wonderland.

Will I ever be able to do these activities again or is this chapter in my life over?

A million questions a minute run through my mind and the only thing I can grab hold to is – just take it one day at a time. 

The road is long, more surgeries are planned and right now I’m in a holding pattern for my amputation date.

The mind is powerful and each day I discover a new deeper layer of connection and complexity. 

All I can control right now is my daily actions so I continue to prepare my body by working out at the gym and prepare my mind by diving deeper into meditation and breathing exercises (pranayama).

Each day I realize the power of mind-body connection and I know that more practice will help me cope with this better.

It’s not easy but I already see and feel noticeable changes that fuel my motivation to continue. 

Till next time

– Erez