Get Off The Fence

Retrospection is powerful.

In this new blog series I visit the original posts and videos I published after the accident in 2010 and reflect on lessons and insights gained over time.

The big take away from today’s post is:

You cannot sit on the fence for too long.

At one point your ability to move forward in life and deal with your situation will depend on you taking control and making courageous decisions.

The fear of making the wrong decision is understandable. This is why we often feel stuck and out of control.

There’s a process we need to go through, understand, learn, surrender and let go.

Amazing things happen when you reach this stage.  

This post is based on my original video from January 2013 where I made the decision to proceed with an elective amputation. 

I hope this post was of service to you, perhaps you found some answers, guidance and inspiration for your own journey.

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 I’ll see you soon

– Erez