Hello my friends,

Today I would like to share with you something that has helped me rebuild my life several times over. I invite you to explore this approach because if you are open, it can really help you reframe your situation. It will allow you to see where you’re at right now, and the possibilities for the future from a different perspective. That little shift can assist you, and I invite you to look at it this way.

So some of you may know my life story, I have experienced three near-death experiences in less than a decade. Two of them were motor vehicle accidents, and one of them was a full-blown heart attack. The heart attack came out of nowhere, and I can’t really pinpoint the reason for it such as an abusive lifestyle or anything of that nature, but what I do know is that each and every time I had to face a devastating event and I hit rock bottom I’ve learned something that has assisted me throughout my journey. I personally believe that in each and every devastating event, in each and every blast radius situation you encounter, there are lessons to be learned.

Now I know that for some of you this concept may sound harsh, or even far-fetched. I’ve been in your place so I know what you’re thinking, but trust me – if you bear with me along this journey you will see the ideas and the reasons behind it and how it all unfolds in a remarkable way.

Those blast radius events hold immense lessons, and I’d like to take it a step further with you – I believe that there are gifts in those events. Now those gifts can sometimes come wrapped in terrible pain and terrible suffering, and trust me I’m not the one who will tell you why or what is the reason for your particular situation, this is beyond me, and if you encounter someone who tells you that they have the solution or the formula or the pill to quickly resolve your situation, I would be very cautious of that – because my personal belief is that life is one big journey, and although we always want to be on the path of success, happiness, joy and health, there’s also the opposite of that in life. It’s like anything in nature – for everything that exists there’s the opposite. We cannot have light without darkness, we cannot have happiness and joy without pain and suffering; they go hand in hand, and I don’t see them as a terrible thing. It is horrible to be in a place of suffering and pain; trust me I’ve spent years in these places…but there is a gift in it.

When you hit rock bottom you are bare naked, everything is in your face, and you have to deal with it; there is no other choice. Today I would like to offer you to look at your situation as an invitation. I want to pique your curiosity to think about the bigger picture. Where you are at right now there is an opportunity, there is something in it that you are supposed to learn…now it’s your choice. I’m not here to tell you what to do. Nobody’s going to tell you what to do, but you have a choice. That choice is coined in my tagline as well – ‘from rock bottom to pure greatness’. When you are at rock bottom you now have an opportunity to reach pure greatness, and pure greatness is within you; it’s nothing external.

The successes that you see out there today, or what you are led to believe… most of them are not yours. This journey can allow you to find what they are for you – this is where you will discover your personal voice, this is where you will discover what you stand for. I wouldn’t say it’s an easy journey, and I wouldn’t say it’s even for everyone – but if my words resonate with you today then I invite you to look at your particular situation as an invitation. An invitation to see this as something that holds a lesson; something that holds a gift, and you are the one who can actually pursue It. So today I’m only going to leave you with one thing: as difficult as your situation may be just look at the bigger picture. Try and realize that there is something more than what has happened.

I know some of you are in the most horrific situations right now that nobody can even Imagine, but try to open your eyes and see the bigger picture.  I invite you to think about it today. I am not the guy that will tell you what to do or how to do it but I will share with you things that have worked for me and for thousands of other Life Rebuilders. I will share with you a journey that has been broken down into steps that will allow you to rebuild every area of your life, and I do this from my heart. I do this from a serving place, and I hope this post will help you begin a new journey filled with lessons and growth.

Your ever well wisher