The Life Rebuilder journey

 November 2018, is a very significant milestone in my life because eight years ago, on November 10, 2010

I was introduced to my first out of three Near Death Experiences (I can’t believe I’m actually writing this…).

It was a head-on collision with a fully loaded semi truck that broke my body into gazillion pieces and led to an elective amputation.

Reflection and introspection are magical gifts that allow us to contemplate and do some soul-searching, and this is what my new blog series — the Life rebuilder Journey is all about.

Over the next few months, I will delightfully share with you my original blog posts and offer my current perspective on lessons and insights learned and earned along the way.

My first ever blog post was a video (vlog) I shot on my fortieth birthday when the option of an elective amputation became a reality. 

This was the birth of my blog “It’s Not About My Leg” which I shared with thousands of people over the years.

Initially, this was a personal blog where I shared my personal thoughts, feelings and milestones, but with time I discovered joy and meaning in the process.

The seed that sprouted to become the Life Rebuilder Academy 

Earlier this year, I took a leap of faith and committed to teach, share and assist those who experienced a ‘blast radius’ event in their personal lives. Where life changes in a fraction of a second and you find yourself in uncharted territory called to rebuild your life, overcome adversity and get back on track.

Faced with three Near Death Experiences and blessed to not just survive them, but thrive because of them, has become my primary message.

Today I distilled and formalized the best tools, techniques and personal – development practices that helped me into a methodology called the Life Rebuilder Success Roadmap.

Life Rebuilder Academy is an online educational platform where I share and teach how to successfully rebuild your life. However, I strongly believe that those of us who were given this difficult lesson delivered in a ‘blast radius’ event, have actually received a gift.
A gift that can help you transform your life and take it to the next level.

Below you’ll find the original blog post from 2013. I was overwhelmed and dazed (boy when I watch this video today I see the guy I was then and where I’m today).

This series is all about sharing with you insights of lessons learned and the nugget from that original post is this:

your own personal ‘blast radius’ event will present you with two choices:

1 – Losing hope and giving up. I equate this to death because this path will lead you there. You may be physically alive but operate as a ‘deadman’ with no joy and satisfaction. This is the world of pure suffering and dissatisfaction. This is when we blame the world for what has happened, push everyone away and plug into darkness.

2 – Rebuild your life, take control over the situation and deal with your loss and your brief. On this path, you’ll be called to dive into the depths of your soul, confront your worst fears and show up to do the work.

As far as I am concerned, option two is the only one you have and trust me when I say this — there are treasures hidden here beyond your wildest dreams, but you have to commit to the process.

This is why I created the Life Rebuilder Academy and the life rebuild roadmap.
It’s a step by step process that will guide through this dark time where you’ll not just rebuild your life — you’ll transform it.

I hope this post was of service to you, perhaps you found some answers, guidance and inspiration for your own journey.

If you know anyone who needs to hear this message please share this with them.

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I’ll see you soon

– Erez