Elective amputation 

 Erez, are you sure an elective amputation is the right solution for you? This question comes up with almost everyone I speak with. So here’s the first post on this journey – my very own first video vlog ever…. so here we go!   I’m not sure where I’m going with this but decided to start and document the  process and share it.   My beloved wife Sonja encouraged me to start and I hope it will also help me gain clarity and maybe help a few other people along the way…   I think this would be a great way to keep my family and friends updated plus it will serve as my personal diary.  

My two young daughters who are very confused and afraid as to what’s going on may benefit from this as well. Maybe one day they will read this – “I love you my beautiful Mai and Leigh. Everything I do is because of you and for you. You are my northern star that gives me power and purpose to rebuild and fight for my life. I hope that when you read this you’ll know deep inside what it takes to show up for your life and do work that matters. As far as I know, we only have one run at this life – make the most of it! Aba”.

almost Game Over 

This photo was taken by my wife in ICU (Intensive Care Unit)  1 day after the accident. [Sonja]: “I took this photo with tears of fear and hope running down my cheeks. I knew it will serve as a powerful reminder to what you have survived”.

I was under coma for 8 days with a 50/50 chance of survival and vividly remember every second of it. Later on in life I learned about Near Death Experiences (NDE) and was able to relate to this out of body experience from a different perspective. (Maybe I’ll share more on this later… 🙂

This is what was left of my Toyota 4-Runner after a head-on collision with a fully loaded 18 wheeler semi-truck. The 4-Runner flipped over and landed on its roof – this is probably what saved my life. Most of the impact was absorbed by the front axle and engine. If I was upright, it may have ended up differently…

My family and my Beloved wife Sonja – I don’t know where I’d be without them but I do know what drives me to heal and become the best version of me.

My father shaving me in the hospital (that’s a 16 day beard :-))

So this is the end of my first vlog / blog post ever (it wasn’t that bad… I think I can do more 🙂

See you all next time

– Erez

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