My #1 Clarity Tactic in 2018

Shalom, my fellow Life Rebuilders,

It’s October already… I don’t know about you, 

but this year seems to have flown by… 72 days,
that’s 10 weeks left till the end of 2018.

This year has been one of the most challenging and,
how should I say it – life defying year of my entire life.

Surviving 2 near death experiences would be more than
enough for anyone – would you agree?

I don’t wish this on my worst enemy, but to go through a third one…
a full heart attack, well that’s a whole different ballgame altogether.

One of my strongest beliefs, which has now been acknowledged by
mainstream psychology and human development specialists,
is that pain is the master catalyst for change and growth.

We all want to avoid it, but we can’t change without it…

And yes, I have experienced both, in mega doses this year.
This overdose propelled me to make a quantum leap in my life.

It’s the reason why I’m writing this email to you and the reason
why you’re reading it right now.

I have completely transformed my life:

Started a new career (with no guarantees of success),

Started a new preventative nutrition and lifestyle regime (which gives me

remarkable energy and strength) and,

Was gifted with a new outlook on life that makes me laugh more often than cry.


This quantum leap didn’t happen overnight. It was, and still is,
one long, amazing adventure through life.

This remarkable journey reveals many epiphanies and discoveries each day,
which is why I am now committed to sharing these great nuggets on a daily
basis for the next 72 days.

Today I’d like to share with you one of the most IMPACTFUL practices I’ve used
in 2018.

Looking back, I can’t think of a single practice in the last few years that has been this impactful for me (and my clients).

Before I share the “secret,” here’s some context.

Sometimes the things that have the potential to move the needle for you
the most, are “hidden” in plain sight.

Right in front of your nose.

But you can’t *see* it because you’re too busy doing life.

I get it, trust me.

I’m doing life just like you, but the problem we all run into is that we can’t
slow down to see the forest for the trees and then we hit the wall.

So today I want to share with you a beautifully simple practice.

It’s free (halleluiah!).

It’s open to everyone.

And it only takes around 5-10 minutes a day.

The problem is that the concept is so simple, most people (99%) dismiss
it immediately and won’t give it a chance.

Maybe you’re in 1%. I really hope so.

Because if you are, then you’re in for a treat.

Check out the video I made for you HERE.