Today I want to share with you something that is dear to my heart, and I’ve been asked about so many times. I want to share this with you today and give you a few takeaways that you can implement in your day-to-day life.

The subject of this video today is how to handle a bad day. BTW, I want give you a free workbook I created for you, it’s called “How to make your day a 10”  and you can grab your free copy here

Now, I want to begin by saying that a bad day is just what it is – it’s a bad day – and I know that for most of us we have difficulties to accept that. I don’t know why but most of us were raised with this concept that everything should be great all the time. That we should strive for success and happiness and joy and fulfillment and this should be every single day. But in life, for everything that we want there is the opposite of it, so for happiness, joy, fulfillment and success and everything else there are also the opposites like failures, challenges, pain and suffering and difficulties; it’s just the way life is, and there’s perfection to it.

Now, when your day really doesn’t go the way you want, what do you do? for some of us we will try and push through it, we will power up, we will do whatever it takes to make it happen. We’ll do things that we may not need to do. So, my recommendation for you based on my experience of years of dealing with recovery, healing and rebuilding my life several times over is that you should recognize a bad day for just being a bad day. No need to judge it or be harsh with yourself.

When a bad day happens, what you need to do is create some space for that energy that was created for whatever reason to dissipate, be that an argument with your spouse, or maybe your children go haywire in the morning, or something happened at work; it doesn’t matter what it is, it happened, and now your day has shifted. Maybe a meeting doesn’t work out, commitments you have set for yourself you don’t happen and when this happens, what do we do? We go into this place where we start to be hard on ourselves. We shame and blame ourselves, we say, “I’m not good enough, I should have done this or that, I’m no good”… STOP, pull back, and create some space.

I can tell you from my own experience that this was a game-changer for me so many times, because something happened, and you cannot recover from it right away, or you cannot make it happen that day, and if you continue and try you will spend so much energy doing so that you will get agitated. You will be triggered by a thousand other things, you will be obnoxious to everybody around you and toward yourself, and you will end the day with so much bitterness and so much anger and resentment that you are actually setting your next day to be a replica of that.

This perspective on a bad day being, just that, a bad day is something that I offer you to look at and see if you can implement it in your life (and I would love you to share with me your thoughts and experience with it). A bad day sometimes is just a bad day. Now, the key to this is that you can have one bad day, two bad days, maybe three or four depending on where you’re right now. You could be in an emotional distress that is very difficult to handle but there is a fine line, and I’ve been on that razor edge many times in life – there’s a fine line between bad days and depression.


Depression is much deeper than the effect of certain events that happen during the day and caused agitation – when you experience depression you are in need of help.

I am the first to say we cannot do this journey on our own. We need help, we need support – so if you are in that place where it’s not just a bad day or two, and you find it difficult to get out of bad, take care of yourself or even worse, have thoughts of ending your suffering – then this is the time to reach out for help. I hope you hear me loud and clear, there’s no room to play with this, there’s a fine line that we must not cross, the other side of this line can be so dark and helpless that we can no longer think straight.

So, if you’re on the border of depression, if you’re on the border of not being able to recover from a few bad days, there’s something there that demands you to reach out for help. but if those are just few bad days than this is all they are. A bad day is just a bad day, respect it for what it is. Honor it for what it is, and honor yourself.

Sometimes pulling back is the best thing you can do. I hope this serves you.

Please share this post, and share your thoughts and experience with me.

And, as always, go out there and do your best on this remarkable journey because it is remarkable no matter what!

Your ever well wisher


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