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– Begin Transcript –

I believe that life doesn’t just happen to us it happens for us, I believe that we all come into this world bearing a beautiful gift, we have tremendous potential. we have pure greatness within us that we cannot even imagine what it is but during this life journey that we’re on, we are here to explore and find what it is.

However during that journey we will be tested, we are tested, constantly and those tests can come in the form of what I call bless radius events. This is the time when life shatters into a thousand pieces in a fraction of a second and everything changes. It could come in the form of a devastating physical or emotional injury, it can come in the form of a prognosis of a life-threatening disease, it can come in the incomprehensible lost of a loved one, it could come as a relationship breakup or a financial ruin. They come in different shapes and different forms. However, I personally believe that in each and every one of these events there is a lesson. there is actually a gift within it and it is our choice to decide whether to pursue and explore that or ignore it all together.

Now I can tell you this because in my life I have experienced not one not two but three near-death experiences. The first one was a devastating car accident that left me broken into a thousand pieces, left me disabled. I couldn’t father my children I couldn’t be there for my wife I couldn’t work I was I wasn’t able to walk. That dark night of the soul extended over a period of several years for me. I had suicidal thoughts, I was in the darkest place that you can imagine. And some of you that are watching this may relate and know what it is. I understand where you are. That journey has brought me to make the most difficult decision in my life and it was to electively amputate my right leg below the knee, and I have taken everything that I have learned so far to rebuild my life and recover from that amputation and the recovery was so well that it propelled me to pursue one of my life biggest physical journeys one of my life biggest dreams and their journey with all the beautiful lessons that I have learned and all the experiences and the people that I met introduced me to my second near-death experience that was another accident in one of my races which you can learn later on about my story but that was my wake-up call that showed me that my path the direction that I was headed was the wrong one and I have completely changed my life after that and took an inner journey and that journey was beyond words to describe. I’ve studied with the best teachers and the best mentors I was able then I was blessed to receive first-hand experiences that have changed my life. I have found inner peace I found inner calmness a connection to a deeper place within me an ability to deal with life an ability to deal with the world and what it presents to us and all of these lessons as beautiful as they were always came within those devastating events.

Now I know that if you’re watching this and you have experienced one of those blast radius events and you may be in that place of darkness and thinking that there is no way out and you can’t do anything and you feel you’re hurting and you’re distrusting and you’re in shock and you don’t know what to do and everything just seems like a dead end I’m here to tell you that there is a way out there is a way out not just to rebuild your life not just to survive not just to get back to where you were there’s an opportunity here to rebuild your life to something you have never even dreamt of.

This is why I created the life rebuilder Academy this is a platform where I share everything that I have learned in all the lessons that I have been gifted with to show you through my experience and through other people’s experiences what is possible to do in how to maneuver through this journey of rebuilding your life to higher and higher levels and you know you would think that after everything that I’ve learned and experienced which is sometimes you know people tell me all the time this is enough for a few lifetimes when I thought life is back on track and here it is things are moving forward and I found inner peace and everything else and I thought things are moving the right direction life tested me again at the age of 45 I had a heart attack, yes a full blown heart attack that almost killed me. Now I’m shooting this video three months after this heart attack. I wasn’t supposed to be here I wasn’t supposed to be able to even speak to you and share with you this but I have taken everything that I have learned and I have used it not just recovered not just to rebuild my life not just to heal from this heart attack.

I have decided to dedicate my life to sharing my message and my lessons with you. I’ve left a successful real estate career to do this full-time this is where I will share my life story, my message, my lessons and everything that I have learned that has helped me and has helped thousands of others that I was blessed with either help or learn from and I invite you to join me on this journey.

I believe in you! I know you have the potential within you, I know that the pure greatness is in there so even if you are in the darkest night of the soul right now know that there is a way out. There is a path to rebuild your life to higher and higher levels and I am here to share this with you and I’m here to serve you and I hope that this will be of help to you.

– End Transcript –

Your ever well wisher