Hello my friends, “Where have you been Erez?… we haven’t heard from you for a while… what are you up to?” I am very blessed to have so many of you reach out and touch base so first I want to acknowledge and thank you! Your love and care are a treasured gift I truly appreciate and hold dear to my heart. And speaking of my heart… Last few months have been challenging… As most of you know, I had my share of devastating events in my life, and just like you, when they happen, you must muster everything you’ve got, roll with the punches, regain control and rebuild your life. Each event helped me grow stronger, love deeper and show up more authentically for myself, my loved ones and life itself.

Experiential Learning

Over the years I became extremely good at this, I truly earned my PhD in recovery, healing and rebuilding my life. And when I thought I was on a new path, a beautiful inner journey, devoid of physical self-abuse and adrenaline driven activities I was tested once again… Unbeknownst to me I was bound to be confronted with the grandest test of my life – a full blown heart attack! January 2018 was when my heart almost gave in. It came out of nowhere… Well, that’s not totally true because a month prior someone rear ended me while I was at a red stop light. To be honest I was more disturbed about the damage he caused to my car than anything else, but couple days later things started to escalate, and I found myself dealing with whiplash and brain injury. One month later the heart attack happened.

I’ll share with you the heart attack and recovery journey in my next few posts (quick hint: it was the most difficult experience I had to deal with in my entire life, but it was also the most beautiful and transformational one…) obviously it wasn’t my time to leave this earth and there’s more work laid out for me to do around here 🙂

As I write these words for you, I am healthier, stronger, leaner and more energized than I have ever been, which is a wonderful place to be in because today I’d like to share with you the official launch of my new website and my life’s work – the Life Rebuilder Academy. check it out here: erezavramov.com I have been trained for this my entire life. This new path has chosen me as much as I chose it. It provided me with strength, clarity and purpose to serve those how experienced a devastating event in their lives and have hit rock bottom, where in a split-second life is out of control and nothing makes sense anymore. It is my deepest belief that these devastating events present a rare opportunity in which fundamental changes can happen. There is a spark, an opening, and a moment where you can realize the opportunity to embrace a new paradigm shift and rebuild your life in a meaningful, and purposeful manner. There’s a message and a lesson to be learned – something that can transform your life for the better.

“My mom always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” – Forest Gump

And this is what I am here to share with you and others and if I were to help just one of you out there, I would have fulfilled my calling to pay forward what I was so graciously been given and taught on the journey of rebuilding my life multiple times. Here’s to your journey from rock bottom to pure greatness.

Your ever well wisher Erez Avramov