It’s been great to get away for a few days with my amazing wife and experience bountiful and beautiful British Columbia. I am proud to call this place home and am grateful to be able to explore it again.
​We spent four memorable days ocean kayaking, wilderness camping and total disconnect from technology – pure off-line experience which provided room for real inner recharge.

​The adventure ended with 4 days at our favorite beach cottage where we spent time reviewing our Life Plan. We have a 1, 3, 5, 10, 20 years vision which has evolved, changed and morphed over the years to reflect our own inner progression as a couple and as individuals.

We have incorporated the term “Life By Design” as an integral part of our life philosophy. This process requires deep self-reflection, clarity and alignment with who you really are, what are your true aspirations and dreams, what is your personal relationship with what is possible or not, and if I take it a step further – your relationship with your own inner self-limiting beliefs – do I deserve this, am I good enough, they can do this but not me and the list goes on and on. These obnoxious, but real inner voices try to take control of the conversation and dictate your final ability to pursue something outside your comfort zone or ‘buy in’ to what ‘they’ say and give in.

I am sure you all tried different methods for goal setting or ways to implement desirable behavior change that will support you with achieving the results you strive for. Did you find a way that worked for you? What was it and has the change you were after happened?

I am the first to admit that for me, this is a life pursuit that never ends, I always strive to improve and adjust my approach, plan, tools and techniques because circumstances change, life changes and the ability to adapt, adjust and course correct become as important, and I’ll argue – even more important, than the goals themselves.

Next week I’ll share how this appears daily, on my journey with building the Life Re-Builder Community and I invite you to share your experience.

Till then,
Your ever well wisher