​Before we get started I want to share with you how I feel right now… Blogging and sharing your personal story is hard! ​ Yes, it’s really, really hard. I’ve been trying to blog and share my story for the past several years, ever since I made the decision to electively amputate my right leg below the knee following a near fatal car accident. The idea to document my progress was initiated by my amazing wife Sonja and a personal wish to capture the healing  journey for my children. At the time of the accident (November 18, 2010) my young daughters were only 3 and 6 years old. I knew they couldn’t understand what was going on at the time and it was important for me to have something I could share with them when they grow up. I was also tired of repeating myself dozens of times each day describing how I feel and what’s going on. You see, my extended family and friends live in different countries around the world and I live in Canada. Their loving concern and support has been instrumental for me so I really wanted to find a way to share what was going on and this is how my first blog “It’s not about my leg” came to life.

2 days after my car accident – Fighting for dear life

Within few short weeks after I published my first ever blog post, other people in similar situations or in show of support began to contact me sharing and asking for help and guidance. This was a strong motivator to continue the blog and share what I was doing, what techniques, tools and concepts I used and what actually worked and didn’t work. Overtime, I was blessed  to assist many others who were a few steps behind me on their own personal life rebuilding and healing journey.

Day 1 after elective amputation

My blog and story received a lot of media coverage when I decided to pursue a lifelong dream and set my sight on becoming the first amputee to ever race a motorcycle in the world’s toughest and longest off-road race – the Dakar Rally.   Picture It became an inspirational story and I played my part… I must admit that this made me feel uncomfortable. I was put on a pedestal that I never wanted to be on. When I look back on this time in my life, I was on a personal quest to find closure and acceptance. Closure with my accident and acceptance with the life altering decision to electively amputate my leg below the knee. ​I wanted to rebuild my life with purpose and meaning and find ways to accomplish what I deemed to be important for me. I felt I needed to prove myself that I’m not disabled and that I can still do and pursue anything I wanted. Since the blog was initially intended to be personal in nature and overtime grow to be more public, I found it difficult to share my inner voice and expose my vulnerability and challenges as they happened. And believe me, they came in droves… But once my story became public, I felt that now I needed to prove myself to others. All of a sudden, I had people sharing with me their life devastating events and how inspirational my story was to help them deal with challenges and difficult times in their own lives. However, what I discovered was that most people looked at my journey as something outside of them. It represented an inner desire to change their lives and pursue their own dreams but they were afraid or didn’t know how to move forward and make it happen. And then it dawned on me, I can be of more service if I could help people find their inner confidence and inner strength to breakthrough whatever is holding them back and help them rebuild their lives with purpose and meaning. You can read more about my Dakar Rally journey, which by the way, I decided to let go of after an intense year of training that ended abruptly with a second accident that almost killed me….. This was my SECOND wake-up call that changed everything!   Picture This second accident awakened me to see what is really important in life and is the reason for writing this post and creating the Life Re-Builder Community. It was my pivotal moment where the journey to Dakar was transformed from a physically driven goal to an inner deep and meaningful journey…. the one I was preparing for all along but wasn’t quite ready to take, until now. Since then I have distilled almost a decade of everything I learned about the mind, body and spirit. These essential elements form a clear road map on how to rebuild one’s life after a devastating event and are now being created in to a new online program and workshop. I can no longer hold this knowledge to myself. I feel it in my heart of hearts that not sharing it will be a disservice to those who can benefit from the insights and knowledge that has transformed my life and others. It has inspired me to step up and pay it forward. I’m doing this for three reasons:

  1. I think the lessons I have learned, the knowledge earned and the answers to how you can rebuild your life with purpose and meaning can be very helpful for you.
  2. I really wish you’ll join the new Life Rebuilder Community and share your story, join the conversation and contribute to a larger vision that can change people’s lives.
  3. I’m hoping that if you find this helpful to you, you’ll actually share these posts… which will help me pay it forward by bringing awareness of the Life Rebuilder Community I am creating.I’m so excited to begin!!!! Come join me!
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