I founded Life Rebuilder Academy to share with you everything I have learned that helped me and hundreds of other Life Rebuilders not just rebuild our lives, but create a life we didn’t dream was possible.
We haven’t just got back on track, healed, and restored control over our lives, we actually thrive! On this journey you will learn how to peel away one layer of confusion and uncertainty after another, and you will learn that it’s not about finding the answers as much as understanding the cause and to build a solid base that will help you regain control over your life, heal, and find your truth. I will show you how you can become your own Life Rebuilder by learning and embracing a new paradigm shift about life; one in which a devastating event shows up in your life as a sign to actually enable and grant you the opportunity to STOP and reflect. It’s an opportunity to assess where you are and where you want to go, change directions, re-evaluate your priorities, and take care of yourself. Hitting rock bottom is not a stop sign, it’s a growth sign!

On-Demand Online Courses

How can you regain control and rebuild your life with confidence, clarity and inner knowing that you are on the right path. Get Erez’s step-by-step roadmap for recovering from life devastating events. You’ll learn advanced techniques and practices that will accelerate you on your path of healing and recovery.

The Life Rebuilder Workshop

Comprehensive live training where you will learn how to develop and implement your personal Life Rebuilder roadmap, overcome challenges and establish profound changes in your life.

Vancouver May, 2019

Live Monthly Training

Every month, Erez goes live teaching powerful daily, weekly and monthly practices, frameworks and techniques to help keep your recovery momentum, focus and confidence. You’ll learn about stress management, sleep regulation, nutrition, physical activity, energy and mental management and much more.



“Dissolve the doubt in your mind with the sword of self-knowledge, for true knowledge and pure love will set you free.” ~ Erez Avramov

How To Get Your Life Under Control In The Next 30 Days

Jason Adams

“Erez’s talks have been compelling, effective, and most important of all, genuine. He creates an instant connection with his audience and keeps them engaged. We look forward to working with Erez into the future and highly recommend him as a public speaker.”

Jason Adams
National Sales Manager / Ossur Prosthetics

Andy Wedge

“I liked how open and honest Erez was, discussing the realities in the build and aftermath of amputation. It helped me prepare for what was to come.”

Andy Wedge

Chris Garner

“Erez helped me realize that I am on a journey. While my journey is far from over, Erez continues to reach out and provide wisdom and guidance and I know I will come out on top!”

Chris Garner